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Traditional PR Does Not Work Anymore

Who Are The SocialSect’s Public Relations Team?

Our team is made up of seasoned public relations experts with a combined experience of several decades in both the traditional and digital PR fields. Their efforts are backed by seasoned journalists, proven content creators and SEO experts. Get in touch; they’ll be happy to introduce themselves.



You Need 21st Century PR Agencies

Traditional PR still has its place for sure. Press releases, news conferences, product announcements – they all still matter. But in the 21st century, a lot has changed, and the old way of doing public relations is just that, old. Are you working with a PR agency that’s up to helping you compete and stand out in the world of the 24/7 always-on news cycle? Here’s a checklist. How do they measure up?

News Media

News media is when you make use of connections, opportunities and high-level networking to secure the chance to appear in news stories. Our Agency offers services in news media PR including guest appearances on TV, radio and podcasts, speaking engagements, winning awards, spokesperson gigs, crisis management, media training and more all around the World.

Social Media

Social media encompasses the world of a plethora of user generated content. In this realm, Our Agency services include social network engagement, online review gathering and online review management, influencer marketing, social group management and more.

Web Media

Web media is any content that you have created and that you have complete control over, allowing you the chance to craft the exact messages and brand image you want to get out to the world. SocialSect’s expert PR team can help you craft content for your website, blog or newsroom that will enhance your brand while positioning you as a thought leader in your space.

Digital Marketing PR

Increasingly people aren’t consuming their news from traditional sources like the TV or the print edition of the local paper. They are looking to podcasts, digital radio, social networks, news websites, forums and digital communities to keep them informed. PR agencies should be adept at digital PR, if they are not then your brand will be missing out on 80% of the coverage it deserves.

PR Agencies Need To Understand The World’s Awake 24/7

Effective PR has to be nimble and flexible because the news cycle never stops, it’s a 24-hour machine, and your PR reps need to be able to keep up. News breaks on Twitter right now before it ever hits the traditional media outlets. There’s no need to wait for a cameraman because footage can be shot with a cellphone. If PR agencies only willingly work Monday through Friday, 9am to 5pm they are hopelessly behind.

Stay Ahead Of The Tech Game

Does your PR company know what devices and gadgets your target audience use to consume their content? Are they tailoring your content to suit those devices? Do they know where, when and why your target audience goes seeking their news, entertainment and information fixes? The digital PR landscape is constantly changing and a good PR agency in the UK has to be able to keep up in order to take advantage of the market


The Power Of Audience Relationships

The Internet has given the public a voice—a loud one. Content and news stories, along with review sites, encourage reader comments. People then share tweet and screenshot these comments as much as the stories. Sometimes, a comment becomes a news story in its own right. All media has the potential to become a conversation, and a good PR company has to understand how to monitor that conversation, how to market it positively and participate in it effectively.


Able To Demonstrate Results

Most traditional PR companies don’t know how to measure their results, and they don’t want to learn how to either. But in the 21st century, it’s not enough to rely on media clips and impressions, not when there are so many other ways to track and measure results.


What Our Client’s Say

Working with SocialSect has been a game-changer for our business. Their expertise in digital marketing and strategic approach helped us reach a wider audience and drive significant growth. Highly recommended!

Edward M

Their team is incredibly talented and dedicated. They understood our brand vision and delivered exceptional results. Their attention to detail, creativity, and professionalism exceeded our expectations.

Sarah T
Marketing Manager

Choosing SocialSect was one of the best decisions we made for our online presence. Their personalized strategies and continuous support have helped us engage with our target audience and increase conversions. We're grateful for their expertise and partnership.

Rachel Johnson
Small Business Owner

SocialSect took our social media game to the next level. Their innovative campaigns and data-driven approach resulted in higher brand visibility and customer engagement. Their team's passion and commitment truly set them apart.

Lisa M
Marketing Director

SocialSect is a reliable and results-oriented marketing agency. Their holistic approach, from strategy to execution, ensured a seamless and successful campaign. They have been instrumental in helping us achieve our marketing goals.

Alex G
E-commerce Manager